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Graham leads Aviation Week's coverage of technology, focusing on engineering and technology across the aerospace industry, with a special focus on identifying technologies of strategic importance to aviation, aerospace and defense. 


Born and educated in Scotland, he graduated in aeronautical engineering and worked in advanced design at Hawker Siddeley Aviation in the U.K. before becoming an aerospace journalist. Before joining Aviation Week in April 2008, he spent almost 30 years with weekly aerospace news magazine Flight International, most recently as Americas Editor based in the U.S. 


Graham is a winner of the Decade of Excellence award for aviation journalism, and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.


In 2013 the Jesse H. Neal award for Best Technical Content was awarded to Graham Warwick and Guy Norris for their Advanced Propulsion feature.

Groen to Develop Gyroplane UAS 

Gyroplane specialist Groen Aeronautics has begun development of an optionally piloted autogyro aimed at the market for a simple, low-cost and high-payload vertical-takeoff-and-landing unmanned aircraft.                                                             &

Amazon’s First Prime Air Private Trial Features New Drone Design 
The design of Amazon’s delivery drone has evolved since CEO Jeff Bezos revealed the company’s Prime Air concept in December 2013.
Krossblade Launches ‘Transformer’ UAV 
CEO Dan Lubrich says missions for which the SkyProwler is suitable include large-scale mapping, aerial photography and delivery of small packages.
Uncertainty Is The Name Of The Game For Aerospace In 2017  6
Whether the Trump election in the U.S. or the Brexit vote in the UK, 2016 delivered shocks to the global aerospace and defense industry that will reverberate through 2017.
Defense 2016 Highlights  7
No one expected 2016 to be such a busy year for fighters. Momentum continued to build behind the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, but the current generation of U.S. and European combat aircraft proved they still have life in them and will be around into the 2020s.
Aerospace Propulsion Highlights of 2016 1
Aircraft propulsion advanced across a range of fronts in 2016, from entry into service of Pratt & Whitney’s geared turbofan to progress on distributed and hybrid-electric electric powerplants and supersonic-combustion ramjets.
Rotorcraft Highlights of 2016
The commercial rotorcraft market may have been rocked by low oil prices, but the military business is going from strength to strength. And 2016 saw some novel approaches to rotary-wing aviation take flight.
Technology 2016 Highlights 
Technology events in 2016 offer alternative futures for civil aviation and bear watching.
Unmanned Aviation Highlights of 2016 5
Unmanned aviation saw an active 2016, encompassing approval of the FAA’s first rules for routine commercial drone operations, stratospheric UAVs with months-long endurance and upgrades to the next generation of military medium-altitude machines.
Unmanned Aircraft Capabilities To Expand In 2017 
From pizza deliveries to new military uses, testing and development of unmanned aerial vehicles will advance.
Unmanned Aircraft Technologies to Watch in 2017  1
The UAS universe continues to expand, with a huge breadth of new uses, both military and commercial, still underoing testing and development.
Smallsat Developments, Launches Dominate Space Tech In 2017 
Applications for small satellites—from Earth observation to virtual reality—will continue to expand in 2017.
Trainers Continue Development And Deployment In 2017 
Programs for trainers progress across the world, most notably for the U.S. Air Force T-X competition.
New Energy For Biofuels 
The much-anticipated commercialization of bio-based jet fuel is gathering momentum
Will Biofuels Finally Take Off In 2017?  4
The much-anticipated commercialization of bio-based jet fuel is gathering momentum.
Video: EHang Reports Progress With Autonomous Air Taxi
January 3, 2017

Aircraft and QuestionMark - EHang says the vehicle being flight tested in the video is full scale, which means a length of almost 3.9m props turning, and 1,5-diameter props...

Key Commercial Aircraft Programs Arrive As Market Weakens
December 23, 2016

The same issue of AW&ST has several pages devoted to the 787-10.

LiquidPiston Rotary X-Engine Offers Compact UAV Power
December 14, 2016

The military uses kerosene, including jet fuel, as its primary fuel for air and ground vehicles for ease of supply, so it is often called logistic fuel. "Heavy fuel" is a...

U-tail Business Jet Shows Noise Benefits In Clean Sky Tests
December 1, 2016

Why? In the US, noise from business jet operations is a major reason given by local communities that are trying to close, or place restrictions on, airports used by general...

Avenger UAV Ready For Humanitarian-Relief Food Drops
November 23, 2016

As the story says, the ration packs are released from two containers mounted in the weapons bay

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