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Graham leads Aviation Week's coverage of technology, focusing on engineering and technology across the aerospace industry, with a special focus on identifying technologies of strategic importance to aviation, aerospace and defense. 


Born and educated in Scotland, he graduated in aeronautical engineering and worked in advanced design at Hawker Siddeley Aviation in the U.K. before becoming an aerospace journalist. Before joining Aviation Week in April 2008, he spent almost 30 years with weekly aerospace news magazine Flight International, most recently as Americas Editor based in the U.S. 


Graham is a winner of the Decade of Excellence award for aviation journalism, and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.


In 2013 the Jesse H. Neal award for Best Technical Content was awarded to Graham Warwick and Guy Norris for their Advanced Propulsion feature.

Spike’s Low-Boom Goal For Supersonic Business Jet ‘On Track’ 
As preliminary design progresses, startup Spike Aerospace is increasingly confident its S-512 supersonic business jet will meet its target for a low sonic boom noise level.
JP Aerospace Flies Prototype Airship For Launches, Comms 
JP Aerospace has launched the latest subscale prototype in its Airship to Orbit project to provide affordable access to space using lighter-than-air vehicles.
Perlan Glider Completes First Test Season 
The Airbus Perlan Mission II team has wrapped up its first season of flights in Argentina en route to attempting to set a glider altitude record of 90,000 ft. in the stratospheric Perlan 2.
The Week In Technology, Sept. 26-30, 2016 
Bell’s V-247 unmanned tiltrotor; NASA seeks electric ideas; quieter approaches with DLR’s LNAS; JP Aerospace flies Ascender airship.
FAA To Get Results Of Initial Small-UAS Collision Severity Studies 
U.S. researchers are flinging small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and their components at aircraft structures in a speedy effort to provide data on collision risks to help the FAA with future rulemaking.
Lufthansa Unit Inspects Wind Turbines With Drones 
A Lufthansa subsidiary has begun inspecting wind-turbine blades using drones, as part of a strategic partnership with the Nordex Group, which manufactures turbines for the inshore wind-energy market.
UPS Latest To Test Commercial Delivery By Drone 
UPS is the latest company to test the use of small unmanned aircraft to deliver packages to remote locations.
NASA X-Planes That Shaped The Way We Fly—Or Could  26
Over the past 60 years, NASA has been involved in several X-plane programs that have demonstrated technologies that changed the way aircraft are designed. We take a look at NASA’s X-planes and their contributions.
A Closer Look At NASA’s Options For Large-Scale X-Planes  5
Double-bubble D8, Blended Wing Body, Transonic Truss-Braced Wing, Hybrid Wing Body and a small-airliner-size BWB – the configurations NASA is considering for planned ultra-efficient subsonic transport demonstrators.
Bell Banking On Advanced Military Tiltrotor Candidates  4
Bell has unveiled the smaller V-247 Vigilant tiltrotor, aimed at an emerging U.S. Marine Corps requirement for a ship-based expeditionary, endurance unmanned aircraft system.
Bell Aims V-247 Unmanned Tiltrotor At Marine Corps 
Bell Helicopter has unveiled the V-247 Vigilant tiltrotor it is proposing for an emerging U.S. Marine Corps requirement for a ship-based expeditionary endurance unmanned aircraft system (UAS).
Newcomers, Established Players Share NASA X-plane Funding  15
As NASA widens its search for ultra-efficient X-plane demonstrators, little-known design house Dzyne Technologies unveils its proposal for a blended wing-body business jet and small airliner.
X-57 Maxwell
NASA Seeks Electric Aircraft Propulsion Concepts 
NASA is seeking ideas for electric-aircraft flight demonstrators to support efforts to develop technology that can help the aviation industry transition to low-carbon propulsion over the next 20 years.
Testing For FAA Sheds Light On UAS Collision Risks  8
Risk of injury from drones falling on people’s heads appears to be less than expected, but a small UAS hitting an aircraft will not be the same as a birdstrike, initial research indicates.
Virgin, LanzaTech Aim For Alcohol-To-Jet Demo In 2017 
The partnership of Virgin Atlantic and LanzaTech has finally produced enough jet fuel from waste industrial gases to begin tests ahead of a proving flight aimed to take place in 2017.
Bell Banking On Advanced Military Tiltrotor Candidates
September 26, 2016

Data sheet says 178kt best endurance speed, 240kt long-range cruise and 300kt+ cruise at max continuous power. Also says the V-247 can carry a 9,000lb sling load

A Closer Look At NASA’s Options For Large-Scale X-Planes
September 23, 2016

The engine location is still an area of work, In think. The original D8 concept was based on using small-core engines, and one proposal was to stagger them to avoid fratricide...

Newcomers, Established Players Share NASA X-plane Funding
September 23, 2016

Boblak - Dzyne's Page says the gear meets all the existing runway/taxiway/infrastructure and safety requirements and the aircraft fits a Class C gate

NASA Studies Subsonic X-plane Options, Costs
September 13, 2016

A strut-braced wing has a single bracing strut. A truss-braced wing has more than one bracing member. As "strut-braced" is specific to one configuration, and "truss-braced"...

Analysts Play Down Engine-Delay Impact On C Series
September 7, 2016

It was an editing error caused by a writing error. I typed "thirst" CS100 instead of "third". Editier changed to "first" and deleted the subsequent clause saying the first...


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