Guy Norris

Guy Norris
Senior Editor,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Guy is a Senior Editor for Aviation Week, based in Los Angeles. Before joining Aviation Week in 2007, Guy was with Flight International, first as technical editor based in the U.K. and most recently as U.S. West Coast editor. Before joining Flight, he was London correspondent for Interavia, part of Jane's Information Group. 


In 2013 the Jesse H. Neal award for Best Technical Content was awarded to Guy Norris and Graham Warwick for their Advanced Propulsion feature.


Guy is also a multiple winner of the Royal Aeronautical Society Aerospace Journalist of the Year Award in the Air Transport, Propulsion and Systems/Technology categories, and in 2006 he received the Royal Aeronautical Society Decade of Excellence Award for sustained achievement in aerospace journalism. 


Amongst other works Guy has authored the aerospace section of a science encyclopedia and co-authored, and produced an educational aviation CD-ROM. Guy has authored more than a dozen books on the air transport industry and been honored with several journalism awards including the several books on the histories of Airbus, Boeing and other airframe manufacturers.




Operators Exploit New Boeing 737 Range As MAX Deliveries Accelerate  1
With about 140 Boeing 737-8/-9s delivered to almost 30 operators since its commercial debut 13 months ago, the 737 MAX is quickly setting an industry record for the fastest introduction ever of a new jet transport.
NASA Completes Gear And Flap Noise-Reduction Flights 
Flights at NASA Armstrong used a Gulfstream III to flight-test airport noise reductions from wing-flap and landing-gear modifications.
CFM Reaches Watershed As Leap Deliveries Overtake CFM56 
Deliveries of CFM Leap-1 engines are about to overtake those of the CFM56 for the first time, marking a watershed moment in the 44-year history of CFM International, the GE Aviation-Safran Aircraft Engines joint venture.
Directed-Energy Capability Targeted By Pratt F-35 Engine Upgrade Plan 
Feedback on its initial F135 engine upgrade proposal prompted P&W to include increased power and thermal management capability in its Growth Option 2.0 upgrade package.
Airbus Charts Bold Recovery Plan From A320neo Engine Delays 
The aircraft-maker’s strategy to continue production ahead of delayed engine deliveries is a heavy financial burden.
Podcast: Airbus’ Industrial Crisis
One hundred A320neos can’t be delivered because they don’t have engines. Aviation Week editors discuss.
Book Review: Illustrated History of America’s Legendary Mach 3 Spy Plane  7
The enduring fascination with Lockheed’s Blackbird means that, even 19 years after it last flew, there continues to be a seemingly insatiable appetite for more coverage of this legendary aircraft.
Pratt’s F135 Upgrade Keeps Eye On Directed Energy 
Pratt & Whitney is refining its proposed upgrade path for the F135 Joint Strike Fighter engine to include increased power and thermal management capability.
Pratt & Whitney Launches Skunk Works-like Military Engine Group 
Pratt & Whitney on June 12 unveiled GatorWorks, a prototyping office that will aim for rapid and agile development of lower-cost military engines.
SpaceX Ponders Hypersonic Decelerator For Second-stage Recovery  5
New detail emerges about SpaceX’s "giant party balloon" upper-stage recovery studies.
Boeing-Safran APU Joint Venture Stuns Suppliers 
The move follows Boeing’s recent expansion into new ventures covering avionics, structures, mechanical systems and propulsion.
Pegasus XL Backed For Long-Term Future 
Orbital ATK is upgrading the Pegasus XL rocket to drive down costs and has acquired a second airworthy Lockheed L-1011 as a long-term spares source.
SpaceX Studies Hypersonic Decelerator For Falcon Recovery 
SpaceX is examining a deployable, inflatable aeroshell with a built-in flexible thermal protection system able to protect the Falcon 9's upper stage through atmospheric entry.
Boeing Disassembles P-8 After Radar-Related Fatigue Tests 
Boeing’s dedicated fatigue test airframe, dubbed S-2, has been undergoing structural evaluation since 2012.
NASA Shares Hard Lessons As All-Electric X-57 Moves Forward  7
Transitioning lessons learned developing the X-57 electric propulsion demonstrator has become as important as getting NASA back to building X-planes.
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