Guy Norris

Guy Norris
Senior Editor,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Guy is a Senior Editor for Aviation Week, based in Los Angeles. Before joining Aviation Week in 2007, Guy was with Flight International, first as technical editor based in the U.K. and most recently as U.S. West Coast editor. Before joining Flight, he was London correspondent for Interavia, part of Jane's Information Group. 

In 2013 the Jesse H. Neal award for Best Technical Content was awarded to Guy Norris and Graham Warwick for their Advanced Propulsion feature. He received the 2015 Lauren D. Lyman Award for outstanding achievement in aerospace communications. And in 2018 he was awarded Technology Writer of the Year by the judges of the Aerospace Media Awards.

Guy is also a multiple winner of the Royal Aeronautical Society Aerospace Journalist of the Year Award in the Air Transport, Propulsion and Systems/Technology categories, and in 2006 he received the Royal Aeronautical Society Decade of Excellence Award for sustained achievement in aerospace journalism. 

Amongst other works Guy has authored the aerospace section of a science encyclopedia and co-authored, and produced an educational aviation CD-ROM. Guy has also authored more than a dozen books on the histories of Airbus, Boeing and other airframe manufacturers.

Lion Air Probe Expands To 737 MAX Design, Pilot Training  1
Boeing and others note that while the system is new, emergency procedures did not change.
Boeing Rolls Out Ryanair’s Higher Capacity 737 MAX 8 
Boeing has rolled out the first high-density seating minor-model derivative of the 737 MAX 8 aircraft, modified with an additional set of passenger cabin exit doors to seat up to 200.
Boeing Completes Final Body Join For First 777-9  2
The airframe of the first Boeing 777-9 flight test aircraft has been completed in the company’s Everett, Washington, facility marking a key milestone towards rollout and first flight of the initial 777X family variant in early 2019.
LauncherOne Captive Carry Testing Begins 
Captive carry tests of Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne low-cost space launch system began on Nov. 18.
F-35 Begins Collision Avoidance Tests As UK Joins Auto-ICAS Study 
Four years after the F-16 received Auto-GCAS, the U.S. Air Force is flight-testing it on the F-35 as the UK looks into introducing the safety system on the JSF.
Rocket Lab Gets $140M Production Funding Boost 
Days after delivering a payload of cubesats into orbit, U.S. smallsat launch firm Rocket Lab has closed on an additional financing round of $140 million.
Boeing Begins Buildup Of Phantom Express Spaceplane  6
Composite cryogenic propellent tank buildup marks the start of prepping Boeing’s Phantom Express spaceplane for DARPA’s XSP reusable launch vehicle program.
New Look For TF-2 As Terrafugia Matures Urban Aircraft Design  1
TF-2 concept firms up as Terrefugia selects BRS parachute safety system for Transition roadable light sport aircraft.
Pilots Unaware Of 737 Max’s Automatic Stall-Prevention System  38
Aviation Week has reviewed the 737 MAX-family flight crew operations manual for another large MAX-family operator. It does not reference MCAS.
Lion Air Probe Eyes Faulty Instruments, Pilot Confusion  4
Questions surround maintenance actions in the days prior to Lion Air’s Flight 610, which was lost over the Java Sea on Oct. 29.
Rolls Takes Preemptive Action On A330 Engine Blade Corrosion 
Rolls-Royce is replacing high pressure (HP) turbine blades on a limited population of Trent 700 engines powering the Airbus A330 following the emergence of corrosion issues which Rolls said are unrelated to the similar—but more widespread—intermediate pressure (IP) turbine corrosion problem impacting operators of Trent 1000-powered Boeing 787s.
Turkey Starts Indigenous Fighter Engine Development 
The Turkish government has signed framework agreements that will kick off the domestic development of an engine for the indigenous TF-X combat aircraft.
NASA Rolls Out Urban Air Mobility ‘Grand Challenge’ Plan 
Aircraft developers, systems and air traffic management providers respond to NASA’s Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge.
NASA Plans For Urban Air Mobility ‘Grand Challenge’ 
NASA has rolled out its Grand Challenge plan to help guide, foster and enable the coming generation of urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles and is seeking feedback from industry to fine tune and guide the initiative.
NASA Readies For Urban Air Mobility ‘Grand Challenge’ 
NASA has rolled out its Grand Challenge plan to help guide, foster and enable the coming generation of urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles.
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