Frank Morring, Jr.

Frank Morring, Jr.
Senior Editor, Space,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Frank is a Senior Editor and has been a journalist for 40 years, specializing in aerospace for over 20 years. Frank joined Aviation Week in 1989 as a defense/space reporter and senior space technology editor. In 2007 he was named deputy managing editor/space, responsible for coordinating space coverage across all bureaus and publications. 
Frank began his career working for his hometown daily in Huntsville, Alabama, and moved to Washington in 1979 as correspondent for the Birmingham Post-Herald. He later covered the Cold War Pentagon for Scripps-Howard News Service. 
Frank received a degree in comparative literature from Dartmouth College. He has Goddard and Von Braun media awards from the National Space Club, and a Neal Award.

Kepler Data Yields Earth-Sun Analog  2
Designated Kepler 452b, the planet is probably rocky, 60% larger than Earth and orbits its star – a G2 type like Earth’s Sun – every 385 days. It is the closest Earth-like exoplanet yet found.
Pluto Flyby Shows Bright Side Of Technology 
The exuberance was palpable at APL as employees watched the fruits of their labor on the New Horizons Pluto mission unfold before them, underscoring the sense of awe and wonder of space exploration.
Musk: SpaceX Will Be ‘Stronger’ After Falcon 9 Failure 
SpaceX plans more rigorous testing in the wake of June’s Falcon 9 launch failure.
Musk Outlines Suspected Root Cause Of Falcon 9 Failure  20
Company founder Elon Musk says the Falcon 9 upper stage exploded when a high-pressure helium bottle broke loose and overpressurized the structure.
New Horizons Discovers Frozen Plain, Carbon Monoxide In Pluto’s ‘Heart’  6
The large, heart-shaped feature on Pluto is a frozen plain rich in carbon monoxide.
Pluto Flyby Raises More Questions Than It Answers 
Data from Pluto flyby will keep coming in through 2016, but early results raise interesting new questions about the makeup of Pluto and Charon.
Podcast: The Mysteries of Pluto 1
Days after the New Horizons flyby of Pluto, our editors discuss the mission’s surprises and discoveries. With the spacecraft sending back just 1% of data it is supposed to collect, scientists are already learning new insights about the dwarf planet, its moons and environs.
New Horizons Team Finds ‘Mountain In A Moat’ On Charon  2
A new image shows a strange formation on the surface of Pluto's moon Charon.
New Horizons Phones Home, Tells “MOM” It’s Safe  14
New Horizons spacecraft flies around Pluto and begins transmitting data that will provide new knowledge of the far reaches of the Solar System.
Pluto Doesn’t Disappoint On An Initial Close Look  7
Pluto has previously unsuspected mountains of water ice as high as the Rockies, while its moon Charon features spectacular canyons as much as 6 mi. deep.
Future Is Cloudy As ISS Research Picks Up  2
As enthusiasm mounts for microgravity research in orbit, the end of the ISS service life looms.
False Color Imagery Suggests Charon Collecting Pluto’s Atmosphere 

LAUREL, Maryland — Pluto’s nitrogen-rich atmosphere appears to be leaking across open space to collect on at least one of the poles of the dwarf planet’s large moon Charon, according to scientists processing data the New Horizons probe sent to Earth shortly before its closest approach to the two bodies.

Pluto Gives Up Some Secrets Before New Horizons Flyby  1
Mission managers now have settled in to wait for a brief signal Tuesday night that will let them know how the spacecraft fared in its intricately choreographed flyby.
Getting There: New Horizons’ Images En Route To Pluto  3
From January to July, New Horizons has sent back a series of ever-sharper images of Pluto and its moons.
New Horizons Hitting The ‘Keyhole’ For Maximum Data  10
Glen Fountain, New Horizons project manager at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, said Monday the spacecraft will hit its 60 x 90-mi. box “almost at the center of it” and right on time.

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