Frank Morring, Jr.

Frank Morring, Jr.
Senior Editor, Space,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Frank is a Senior Editor and has been a journalist for 40 years, specializing in aerospace for over 20 years. Frank joined Aviation Week in 1989 as a defense/space reporter and senior space technology editor. In 2007 he was named deputy managing editor/space, responsible for coordinating space coverage across all bureaus and publications. 
Frank began his career working for his hometown daily in Huntsville, Alabama, and moved to Washington in 1979 as correspondent for the Birmingham Post-Herald. He later covered the Cold War Pentagon for Scripps-Howard News Service. 
Frank received a degree in comparative literature from Dartmouth College. He has Goddard and Von Braun media awards from the National Space Club, and a Neal Award.

Dream Chaser Cargo Win Seen Boosting Human Version 
Sierra Nevada Corp. (SNC) believes its Dream Chaser vehicle’s capability and the billions it will earn delivering supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) will allow the company to complete development of a human-rated version.
Dream Chaser Included In 2nd Round ISS Cargo Contract 
Sierra Nevada Corp. will join incumbents Orbital ATK and SpaceX in NASA’s $14 billion second-round contract to deliver cargo to the International Space Station.
Dream Chaser Wins Spot In 2nd Round ISS Cargo Contract  9
Sierra Nevada Corp. will join incumbents Orbital ATK and SpaceX.
Japan’s Space Budget Moving Human Exploration Beyond LEO 
Work on a deep-space cargo vehicle and a robotic lunar lander is included in a $1.3 billion budget request from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency for fiscal 2016.
Ceres: Time For Your Closeup 4
NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is now within 240 mi. of the dwarf planet Ceres and will remain there indefinitely. Images collected at that altitude reveal similarities with Earth’s Moon and unique features that highlight the wondrous variety of our Solar System.
Industry Finding Ways To Use Space For Research 
Last year’s back-to-back station-cargo launch failures have not dimmed growing commercial interest in station research.
Upgrades Prepare Glenn For Advanced SEP Testing 
NASA’s Glenn Research Center has the capacity to test advanced solar electric propulsion systems powerful enough to move cargo and habitats to Mars, with spin-offs that can improve the commercial satellite industry’s capabilities.
Aerojet Rocketdyne Advancing 3D-Printed Green CubeSat Propulsion  4
NASA and Aerojet Rocketdyne are negotiating the final details of a public-private “tipping-point” partnership designed to produce a low-cost propulsion system for CubeSats that uses non-toxic “green” propellant in lieu of hydrazine.
Upcoming Smallsat Experiment Will Evaluate ‘Swarm’ Control 
Astronauts on the International Space Station will deploy a pair of cubesats as early as next month to test the ability of the tiny spacecraft to receive and distribute ground commands, and to find the best route to send data back to Earth autonomously.
Canada To Develop Advanced ISS Vision System 
Canada’s Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator, the robot commonly referred to as Dextre, is set to get a new set of eyes for inspections and other operations outside the International Space Station.
U.S. Voting Can Reverberate Off The Planet  1
To avoid being marginalized, the U.S. space community needs to make key issues part of the 2016 presidential campaign.
How SpaceX Pulled Off Falcon 9's Soft Landing 
SpaceX is celebrating the first successful touchdown on land of an orbital-class booster, the first step toward a potential paradigm shift in easing human access to space.
Look Ahead To Another Ambitious Year In Space  9
Space agencies around the world will spend 2016 doing the spade work for deep-space missions later on.
SpaceX Nails First-Stage Landing After Falcon 9 Returns to Flight 
Success in recovering the Falcon 9 first stage marks a major step toward the long-sought dream of reusable commercial space launchers.
SpaceX Nails Falcon 9 First-Stage Landing  86
Success in recovering the Falcon 9 first stage marks a major step toward the long-sought dream of reusable commercial space launchers.
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