Fred George

Fred George
Senior Editor,
Business & Commercial Aviation

Fred is a senior editor and chief pilot with Business & Commercial Aviation and Aviation Week's chief aircraft evaluation pilot. He has flown left seat in virtually every turbine-powered business jet produced in the past three decades. 
He has flown more than 195 makes, models and variants, ranging from the Piper J-3 Cub through the latest Boeing and Airbus large twins, logging more than 7,000 hours of flight time. He has earned an Airline Transport Pilot certificate and six jet aircraft type ratings, and he remains an active pilot. Fred also specializes in avionics, aircraft systems and pilot technique reports.
Fred was the first aviation journalist to fly the Boeing 787, Airbus A350 and Gulfstream G650, among other new turbofan aircraft. He’s also flown the Airbus A400M, Howard 500, Airship 600, Dassault Rafale, Grumman HU-16 Albatross and Lockheed Constellation.
Prior to joining Aviation Week, he was an FAA designated pilot examiner [CE-500], instrument flight instructor and jet charter pilot and former U.S. Naval Aviator who made three cruises to the western Pacific while flying the McDonnell-Douglas F-4J Phantom II. 
Fred has won numerous aviation journalism awards, including NBAA’s David W. Ewald Platinum Wing Lifetime Achievement Award.

Flying Into And Out Of Uncontrolled Airports  13
There are close to 5,000 airports in the U.S. with paved runways, but only about 500 have full- or part-time control towers.
NBAA National Business Aviation Association
Podcast: Is A Business Aviation Revival On The Way? 1
Ahead of NBAA next week, our editors discuss the state of the business aviation industry, the factors that could help revive it and how retrofitting used aircraft is the next big thing.
Used Airplane Report: Gulfstream G450 
If you are interested in stepping up to a long-range, large-cabin G500, it could be a real bargain.
Bob Hoover, ‘Last Touchstone to the World of Aviation,’ Dies at 94  72

R. A. “Bob” Hoover, called the “greatest stick-and-rudder pilot who ever lived” by Lt. Gen. James Doolittle, USAF (Ret.), died peacefully of heart and kidney failure early Oct. 25, 2016, at Torrance Hospital, near his home in Palos Verdes, Calif. He was a favorite performer at air shows around the world, thrilling his audiences with his precision aerobatic maneuvers in the North American Aircraft P-51 Mustang and Aero Commander Shrike.

Pilot Report: Gulfstream G500  12
Gulfstream’s newest aircraft is setting a new benchmark in business aviation technology. BCA Senior Editor Fred George strapped into the left seat of the new $44.65 million G500. Read his pilot report.
Gulfstream G500 Pilot Report 
Aviation Week Aircraft Evaluation Editor Fred George flies Gulfstream’s in-development G500 and finds the all-new large-cabin business jet offers impressive levels of fuel efficiency, flight-deck sophistication, pilot situational awareness and low noise coupled with natural flying characteristics
Symmetry Flight Deck Powered By Honeywell  4
When pilots first belt into the cockpit of the G500, they will discover a Honeywell flight deck that has little in common with any Gulfstream they have flown.
GE Aviation’s Data Concentration Network 
The G500's electrical distribution and data communication network is far more advanced than found in previous Gulfstreams. Taking advantage of the latest Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet architecture, introduced on the Airbus A380 and the latest military fighters, it uses distributive processing and ARINC 664 communications protocols to slash wire count, reduce weight, decrease power consumption, boost reliability and increase system redundancy. Virtually every component on the data concentration network (DCN) has a redundant communications link.
Pratt & Whitney Canada PW814GA 
Rated at 15,144 lb. thrust for takeoff up to ISA+15C, Pratt & Whitney Canada's PW814GA is the most advanced general aviation turbofan in its thrust class. Up front, it has a single-piece, wide-chord, 50-in.-diameter damper-less titanium fan and a two-stage, axial-flow, low-pressure booster with single-piece rotors that are powered by a three-stage low-pressure turbine.
Operators Survey: Cessna Citation M2  7
For more than a decade, Cessna’s mantra has been “It’s a sure thing.” The Citation M2 appears to epitomize everything that slogan entails.
Used Airplane Report: Cessna Citation CJ1+ 
For as little as $2 million, you can buy a used Cessna Citation CJ1+ that can fly four passengers nearly 1,200 nm and land with 100-nm NBAA IFR reserves. That’s farther than some new light jets costing more than double the price. Cessna Aircraft delivered just over 100 of these entry-level light jets between late 2005 and early 2011, before the one-two Sunday punch of the Great Recession and arrival of the Embraer Phenom 100 knocked it out of production.
Understanding The Angle-Of-Attack Indicator  78
It’s reasonable to ask why the aviation industry hasn’t made the transition from indicated air speed to Angle of Attack as the primary performance indicator for target V speeds.
The Proficient Contract Copilot  8
I realized I was falling into an all-too-common, part-time, contract copilot trap. I could put everyone on the aircraft at risk if I blindly assumed that my basic FAR Part 61.55 legal compliance truly prepared me to belt into the right seat.
Icon Aircraft Shifts Composite Work To Mexico 
Icon Aircraft is shifting production of major components for its A5 sport amphibian from subcontractor Cirrus Design to its own facility in Tijuana, Mexico.
Flying Piper’s New M600 Turboprop  19
As the value leader in the single-engine turboprop class, the M600 has potential to carve out a considerably larger share of this market segment for Piper.
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