David J. Spanovich

David J. Spanovich
Aftermarket Expands In Mexico, But NAFTA Threat Looms  6
MRO providers in Mexico continue expansion, focusing on growth in Mexico’s commercial aviation traffic but looking for cross-border opportunities as well.
Landing Gear Moving To On-Condition MRO  1
“The increasing use of composites in landing gear will accelerate a trend toward more on-condition maintenance and away from heavy overhauls,” says Tjaard Sijpkes, head of technologies for Fokker Landing Gear.
Why Turboprop MRO Is, And Will Remain, Brisk 
Upgrades of avionics and engines should keep MRO for turboprop aircraft booming for the foreseeable future.
Airlines Upgrade Flight Decks, Allowing Higher-Precision Navigation  6
With the next-generation air traffic management era commencing in North America and Europe in 2020, the airline avionics retrofit market will grow as more legacy aircraft see extended service.
How Bird Strikes Impact Engines  19
Engines sustain the highest percentage of actual damage among major aircraft components.
Why Airlines, Aftermarket Struggle With Digital Record-Keeping 10
Paper accounts for about 90% of all commercial airliner maintenance records globally, which increases the risk of incomplete information.
Aircraft Health Monitoring Sensors Cutting MRO Costs 3
Although still being tested, improved aircraft-monitoring sensors show promise for reducing the need for hands-on maintenance, as well as MRO costs.
Southwest Installing Advanced Airplane Health Monitoring Sensors 
To improve monitoring of engine function, Southwest will install bleed air temperature-monitoring sensors on its 737NG fleet.
Regional Airlines And Aftermarket In Transition 
How are MROs adjusting to introduction of new regional aircraft with longer maintenance intervals while some carriers extend the life of older aircraft?
Considerations For Parts Planning And Provisioning 
Parts commonality among fleets is anything but common, so how do airlines manage this problem?
OEMs In Aftermarket: Good, Bad and Ugly 
As OEMS increase aftermarket penetration, stand-alone MRO providers must devise new strategies and customized service approaches to remain competitive.
Certifying Cabin Upgrades Gets More Complicated  4
Learn how suppliers test seats and wireless transmissions on various frequencies and signal strengths to make sure interior Wi-Fi systems will work.
Airline Cabin Mods Deliver For Passengers 
From better inflight entertainment to consistently branded cabins, interior modifications focus on the passenger experience.
Will Airlines Face More Seat Supplier Problems? 
Three seat manufacturers supply the majority of airline seats. Will certification problems and big backlogs open opportunities for new seat manufacturers with engineering capabilities?
Next-Gen Jets Driving New Repair Technology Trends
With a rapid ramp-up to new platforms and new materials, MROs need to increase R&D and find new ways to make repairs.
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