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David A. Fulghum davef@aviationweek.com
Detecting Cyber Attacks Presents A Multi-Dimensional Puzzle 
NETANYA, Israel - As Israel prepares for advanced network war, it is readily apparent that cyber situational awareness systems — supported by event-management capabilities since digital warfare can never be a fully automatic process — has become a key part of the country’s defense.
Report Card On Advanced Precision-Kill Weapon 
Since its March introduction to combat in Afghanistan, about 100 of the U.S. Navy/Marine Corps’ new, low-cost precision air-launched missiles have been launched from AH-1W Cobra and UH-1Y transport helicopters against vehicles and troops.
Geeks Overtake Spooks In World Of Cyberespionage 
NETANYA, Israel - At one time spy agencies drove development of advanced investigative cyber technology, but nowadays it is banks, credit card companies, PayPal, Google and Yahoo that are steering the design and functionality of new investigative tools.
Cyberspecialists Seeking Cure For The Stuxnet Virus 
NETANYA, Israel - The networks that control many crucial industrial and manufacturing processes were once considered largely immune to cyberattack. But now researchers have found there are often obscure Internet connections in virtually every automated network. (Photo: Motorola)
USAF Searches For Cheap, Exotic And New Weapons 
The U.S. Air Force is beginning to sift through all the exotic weapons, materials and electronics in development and prototype programs and find a place for the most promising of them as operational tools in as little as 3-5 years. (F-22 photo: USAF)
Attack On Iranian Nuclear Facilities Appears To Lose Appeal 
There is little political, deterrent or military value in either the U.S. or Israel bombing Iran’s nuclear and missile programs, say participants at this week’s Air Force Association air warfare symposium here. (SA-24 photo: MaximPyadushkin)
U.S., Israel Need More Mutual Trust, Israeli General Says 
Three elements could change the march toward a conflict with Iran over its nuclear weapons program – the fall of the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad, Iran’s big supporter, and decisions by Russia and China to not pour advanced weapons into the region and to pressure Tehran to stop its indigenous development of weapons of mass destruction.
CSIS: Iran Offers Few Defenses, Lots of Targets 
If Iran is bombed to slow its nuclear development program, the actual targets would be a mix of uranium-enrichment and reactor facilities, ballistic missile cantonments and mobile launchers, radar surveillance sites and air bases.
More Arrow Missile Upgrades To Fly Soon 
LOD, Israel - Israel is ready to test the complete version of its improved Arrow missile defense system to demonstrate that it can reach farther and higher to destroy newer, higher-speed ballistic weapons.
Loose Arms From Syria Worry Israeli Intelligence 
TEL AVIV - Israeli intelligence planners are trying to predict how and when Syria’s government will fall, and who will be there to protect or loot the country’s military equipment, particularly Syria’s stock of chemical weapons, ballistic missiles and long-range, anti-aircraft missiles.
Israeli Analysts Track Weapons After Governmental Collapses 
TEL AVIV - Israeli intelligence analysts are trying to create a template to predict why governments falter, when their influence fails and what then happens to their armies and weapons. (SA-24 photo: Maxim Pyadushkin)
Israel Monitors Borders With Specialized ISR 
TEL AVIV - Perhaps the busiest of Israel’s airborne intelligence forces are the manned and unmanned squadrons gathering tactical information on sea traffic in the Mediterranean Sea, smuggling and terrorism on and across its borders and the locating of caches and firing sites for short-range rockets and missiles in Gaza and Southern Lebanon. (Photo: IAI)
F-22s Better Fit For Japan Than V-22s, Analysts Say 
WASHINGTON - Defense analysts say the differing Japanese response to the V-22 and F-22’s respective problems is understandable -- the Asian country wants and needs the F-22s, while the value of the V-22 is less apparent. (Photo: USAF)
Israel Pits Smart Defenses Against Dumb Missiles 
PALMACHIM AB, Israel - “There has been a huge transformation involved in shifting from anti-aircraft defense to active air defense,” an Israeli colonel says. “We’re now a year into the change and we’re not yet at the end of the process.”
New Israeli Command Extends Reach With UAVs 
TEL AVIV - Israel’s military has expanded its intelligence-gathering reach with a new organization called the “Depth Command” that involves operations beyond the country’s borders, and many of those missions require long-endurance unmanned aircraft. (Photo: IAI)
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