David Esler

David Esler
Overseas Ramp Safety Assessments A 'Hot Topic' 
Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft, or SAFA checks, comprise those infamous ramp inspections business aviation operators often encounter in other countries, particularly in Europe.
Height Busts Are A Human Factors Issue  1
The human factor problem causing the most trouble is height busts in the wake of conditional clearances by ATC.
Cybersecurity In The Flight Department: How Secure Is Your Aircraft?  10
With the introduction of nearly every technological advance in aircraft, unintended consequences have come along for the ride.
What’s Happening In Propeller Technology  19
Fifteen years ago when the very light jet mania was ramping up, developers proclaimed that the gestating mini-jets would herald the demise of the propeller-driven executive turboprop.
Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone Is Full Of Convective Storms  26
Some of the most violent weather to be concerned about on the planet — and the most predictable because it’s always there — can be found in the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone.
GEOS-16: A Weather Satellite For The 21st Century 
Last November, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) cooperatively launched the first of three GEOS-16 weather and environment satellites, which collectively promise to greatly improve weather prediction and enhance aviation safety.
How Commercial Operators Are Redefining Business Aviation Charters  3
If business aviation is to grow in the new economy, it has to be expanded to a larger demographic of users beyond blue-chip flight departments and high-net-worth individuals.
'Embracing Change' in the UK 
We are not talking about Brexit, although it looks like there will be be lots of change for the British to embrace when the UK abandons the European Union.
Glut Of Used Aircraft Could Feed New Charter Concepts 
The flow of relatively young, high-time business jets exiting the fleets of fractional ownership companies could allow whole ownership for first-time buyers while supporting a vigorous charter business that could nearly cover the cost of ownership.
New Concepts In Charter, Part One  3
These are disruptive times. New technologies are challenging and changing the ways we communicate, conduct business and socialize. Nothing is immune to the new economy, and the vanguard for general aviation change may reside in the charter segment as FAR 135 operators embrace the “shared economy” movement.
Airport Privatization: Governments Reevaluating Their Control  8
Financial and other pressures are causing governments to reevaluate their control of airports, with the outcome unclear.
Good News And Bad News For Municipal Airports
Are airports in peril, either from owners that want to privatize them or municipalities that want to shut them down? The NBAA's Steve Brown has some good news and some bad news.
Airport Privatization Can Get Messy 
Back in the 1980s, a prime goal of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's British government was privatization of government-owned assets, and airports were a principal target.
There’s More Than One Way To Run An Airport 
Yes, there's more than one way to run an airport. Just ask the Airports Council International (ACI) in Montreal.
ATC Privatization — Pro & Con  13
Ed Bolen believes total control of the ATC system is the force majeure behind the airlines' long-held wish to create and dominate an air traffic control corporation supported by user fees. For several decades, some of the big airlines have tried to seize control of the ATC system and the revenues that fund it, the NBAA president and CEO told BCA. "We believe that they want to use that control for their exclusive benefit."
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