David Esler

David Esler
Aviation’s Safety Data Dump 1

More data have been generated, collected and processed by the human race in the last 36 months than during the previous 3,000 years. Further, every day of every month the worldwide flood of information on every conceivable subject increases exponentially.

Air Charter Safety Foundation: Dealing With The Quantifiable

The Air Charter Safety Foundation is a partisan of using data to make aviation safer. ACSF was spawned by the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) in 2007 to enhance safety in business and general aviation charter operations. One of its first accomplishments was to develop a common safety audit standard for the air charter industry.

International Ops Alerts

The Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games — dubbed “Rio 2016” — are scheduled to begin Aug. 5 and extend through Aug. 21. The 2016 Paralympics will run from Sept. 7 to Sept. 18 in the same locale.

What ASIAS Has Wrought

The FAA’s Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) program, operated under contract by the Mitre Corp. and launched in 2007 to aggregate and disseminate data from FOQA, ASAP, ATSAP programs and other sources, has so far yielded 19 safety enhancements (SEs) from data contributed by airlines.

Laser Attacks: Busting the Bad Guys 3
The anti-lasing law has teeth — if law enforcement authorities can find and arrest the perpetrators. Here are some accounts of a handful of laser felons who were caught.
The Risk of Laser Attacks on Pilots Is Real and Growing 56
Imagine executing a complex night approach to a major airport in highly congested airspace — lots of step-downs and a steep final segment — when suddenly an intensively bright light blasts the cockpit.
Protection from Contagion: Phoenix Air's Aeromedical Biological Containment System for Gulfstream III

Phoenix Air’s Aeromedical Biological Containment System (ABCS) is shown erected beside one of the operator’s Gulfstream III air ambulances. Note the “exoskeleton” fabricated from aluminum stock and the disposable isolation tent for patients suffering from dangerous communicable diseases that it supports. The system breaks down for storage and is designed to be assembled in the Gulfstream’s cabin and secured in the seat tracks.

Understanding International Medevac

When television viewers saw news coverage of American medical professionals infected with Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever arriving in the U.S. for treatment, it’s doubtful many of them knew that the aircraft bringing them back from Africa were specially modified, commercially operated Gulfstream business jets.

How the FAA Is Regulating Small Drones
What finally galvanized the FAA and its Cabinet-level overseer, the Department of Transportation (DOT), into implementing meaningful regulation of civil drone operations were predictions by the UAS industry that between 700,000 and 1 million small drones would be purchased as 2015 holiday gifts in the U.S.
FAA vs. Raphael Pirker

The subject of what constitutes a small drone commercial operation can’t be broached without relating the story of “FAA v. Raphael Pirker.”

How to Start a Small UAS Commercial Operation the Right Way  10

“I wasn’t going to fly a toy and lose my ticket. I’ve been flying 35 years and have never gotten a violation and always followed the regs. Why would I jeopardize my livelihood?”

Why, indeed? So reasoned Bob Howie, Gulfstream V captain at a Houston charter/management company, when he purchased a couple of DJI Phantom Pro 3 drones and contemplated starting a commercial operation. What attracted him to the small UASs that seem to have burgeoned overnight was a lifelong love affair with model aircraft.

Knockin’ ’Em Down 

Registration may identify some small drone operators, but it won’t keep those intent on mischief, terrorism or just plain stupidity from flying their UASs irresponsibly, illegally, or even malevolently.

A Small Business Startup Based On Small Drones

Modesto, California, resident Tom Davis’s background includes 25 years as a scientific programmer during which he developed software apps and performed software engineering for high-speed computer systems. Having been raised on a farm in California’s Central Valley, he also was familiar with mechanized agriculture. And since his father had been an air traffic controller and flight instructor, this spawned an interest in aviation.

And Now a Few Words From Your FAA 1
While BCA was refused an interview with an FAA small UAS manager, the administration did respond to a slate of questions.
How Phoenix Air Entered the ‘Ebola Business’

Phoenix Air has a history of adapting business aircraft to unusual applications to service government contracts.


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