David Esler

David Esler
SLOP References 

Here are prominent references addressing the necessity for the Strategic Lateral Offset Procedure and how and where it can be flown:

International Civil Aviation Organization, Document 4444, Air Traffic Management (PANS-ATM), Chapter 16 (“Miscellaneous Procedures”), Paragraph 5. This is the source document for the justification, implementation, definition, and execution of the Strategic Lateral Offset Procedure in oceanic and “remote continental” airspace. The section is short and to the point, including:

American SLOP 

Is there a chance that the Standard Lateral Offset Procedure, or some variation on it, will be authorized for use in non-oceanic U.S. airspace? The answer is a qualified, “Yes.”

How Can Fractional Ownership Shareholders Protect Themselves From This? 

How can you protect yourself or your employer from the fate of Avantair's program participants?

Begin with due diligence. “The structure of Avantair was very unusual in terms of their customer contracts and their capacity to deal with the situation they ultimately wound up in,” said Mike Riegel, president of Aviation IQ, a California-based consultancy. “Their contracts do not guarantee liquidity. All the major providers do. So this is obviously something to look at when considering a provider, especially one that is also operating a charter card program.”

An Avantair Timeline 

2002—Steven F. Santo, an attorney, pilot and former prosecutor, conceives Avantair, a fractional aircraft ownership program based solely on the Piaggio P180 Avanti turboprop. Service launches following year.

2005 – Having moved from New Jersey to Clearwater, Fla., Avantair operates 16 Avantis for 100 shareowners and announces plans to add another 20 aircraft within a year. The publicly traded firm adds charter card program.

2008 — Employs some 400 people; takes delivery of its 50th P180; announces 58 more Avanti IIs on order.

Arrivederci Avantair: A Cautionary Tale

You could almost hear a collective gulp within the business aviation community last August when a U.S. Bankruptcy Court ordered Chapter 7 liquidation of Avantair, the Clearwater, Fla.-based fractional aircraft ownership program.

Ask the Pilot Who's Been There 

“A lot of the places you go, you might have to talk people through the process, but these guys knew what they were doing, very competent and impressive.” This was the appraisal of a long-range business jet captain employed by a major U.S. technology company about the quality of ground support he'd received at Gimpo International Airport during a recent trip to the Republic of South Korea.

Operating in South Korea 

South Korea is an economic dynamo of East Asia, engaged in head-to-head competition with Japan and nipping at the heels of gargantuan China.

CPDLC: Texting for Pilots 

Standing before hundreds of business aviation operators clustered into hotel ballrooms at annual NBAA International Operators Conferences over the past decade, Bill Stine has urged attendees to begin mapping out plans for equipping their transcontinental business jets with FANS 1/A avionics.

The Elusive ICAO Paris Website 

If you're willing to dig for it, one of the great troves of information regarding operations in Europe and the North Atlantic region is ICAO's Paris website, or more formally, “The European and North Atlantic Office [EUR/NAT] of ICAO.” It can be found at www.paris.icao.int/welcome/welcome.htm

More Than Just Safety (Plus Cool New ACronyMS to Memorize!) 

While the objective of the North Atlantic Data Link Mandate is safety, data link equipage is also the enabling technology for reduced lateral and longitudinal separation (RLongSM) programs that will be introduced in the immediate future in the North Atlantic Track System. As such, it is expected to facilitate increased capacity and offer operators more options for preferential flight levels and tracks. Here is a description of the separation reduction programs and phased introduction schedules:

A European 'Roadmap' to UAV/UAS Integration 

To “unleash the potential for development of innovative civil applications” for unmanned aircraft in Europe, a 2012 European Commission white paper stated, “the first priority is to achieve a safe integration of RPAS [Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems] into the European air system as soon as possible.”

FAA Responds 

While the FAA refused to provide an executive-level employee for BCA to interview on unmanned aircraft integration, its Public Affairs office invited us to submit questions. Here are the FAA's responses to some of those queries:

BCA: Does the FAA have any idea how many UASes, both civil and military, are being operated right now in the NAS? How many COAs has the FAA awarded to operators?

An Object Lesson for Operating in Mountainous Terrain 

On the night of Dec. 20, 1995, American Airlines Flight 965, a Boeing 757 carrying 151 passengers and eight crewmembers, crashed on a 9,800-ft. mountaintop while attempting a straight-in approach to Runway 19 at Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport at Cali, Colombia. Only five passengers survived the accident, one of whom died later in hospital.

'Top Five' for South America 

If you're heading for that big continent in the southern half of the Western Hemisphere with a cabin full of high-worth individuals, you might first want to read Pablo Penalva's “Top Five Things to Know Before Flying to South America.”

Take the First STEP 

“One thing both we as crew as well as our passengers did for this trip was register with the U.S. Department of State in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, or STEP,” Capt. Bob Lazear, who flies for retailer Costco, told BCA about his flight department's preflight planning for a spring 2013 flight to Colombia to visit coffee plantations.

Mar 31, 2015

Operation Decisive Storm -- Air Power Over Yemen 4

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U. S., Russian Astronauts Reach International Space Station for One Year Stay 7

"He will do great," predicted NASA astronaut Barry "Butch" Wilmore, who returned to Earth after 5 1/2 months on the ISS earlier this month. Wilmore watched Scott Kelly's lift off from NASA's Mission Control in Houston....More
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Open Skies Over Benelux And Germany

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Mar 26, 2015

Pilot Report: Aviation Week Flies The Gripen (1999)

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Mar 25, 2015

Kepler Achievements Recognized by National Air and Space Museum

"We are discovering all kinds of exotic planets, worlds that have oceans of molten rock, worlds that have not one but two stars rising in the East and setting in the West," said Natalie Batalha, Kepler mission scientist....More
Mar 24, 2015

NavWeek: Semper Why 3

As the U.S. Marine Corps continues to tack back to its expeditionary core and the U.S. remains on course for its Asia-Pacific rebalance, the question of the force’s relevance is again coming to the fore....More
Mar 21, 2015

SpaceX's Gwynne Shotwell Talks Raptor, Falcon 9, CRS-2, Satellite Internet and More 5

During a March 17 luncheon Shotwell touched on developments underway at the Hawthorne, California-based company....More
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Germany To Boost Defense Spending

Germany's finance minister says the pacifist nation must shoulder more military commitments in the coming years....More

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