Bill Sweetman

Bill Sweetman
Senior International Defense Editor,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Bill's 40-year career as an aerospace and defense journalist has covered almost every aspect of the topic, from satellites to submarines, from infantry gear to classified ultra-stealthy bombers and from nano-UAVs to aircraft carriers. He was the first reporter to suggest that a funny Euro-Project called Airbus might be going somewhere, that the Eurofighter had a nasty streak in the low-speed, high-alpha envelope and that Boeing’s 7J7 and Sonic Cruiser were vaporware. Bill played a key role in breaking stories about the classified RQ-170 and RQ-180 UAVs, and the still-secret stealth helicopter used in the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in May 2011.
He is a regular speaker and international conferences, is frequently interviewed or cited as an authority on technical issues - stealth technology in particular - by U.S. and global media and is the leading independent expert on the Joint Strike Fighter program. Bill’s groundbreaking work on stealth received simultaneous and detailed attention from the CIA and the GRU, the Soviet military intelligence agency. 
The 2013 Jesse H. Neal award for Best Subject-Related Package was awarded to Bill and other members of Aviation Week's defense team for their package "Balance of Fear: Iran, Israel and the Calculus of War." The same package won the award for Best In-Depth Feature at the 2013 Aerospace Media Awards.
Bill has also received Aerospace Journalist of the Year awards from the Royal Aeronautical Society in 1997, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2007.

Opinion: Looking For Answers To The Navy’s Uclass Mystery 7
The story of the Navy’s stealth unmanned air vehicle has taken some new turns. Is a secret project behind the changes?
Typhoon Upgrades In Search Of Middle East Customers 
With production drying up, Eurofighter partners are spending money on Typhoon upgrades in hopes to catch an impending wave of Middle East fighter orders.
CTA Developing Anti-Airburst Round For CTA40 Gun 
The round is expected to have “100% kill probability” at 2 km range and will be effective out to 4 km, with a normal eight-round burst.
BAE Systems Tests Night-Vision Fighter Helmet 
BAE Systems expects to start tests of a helmet-mounted display (HMD) with an integrated night-vision camera in April, the company said.
Ultra-Compact Submarine Proposed For Coastal Patrol 
Named Dreadnought, the submarine would be an order of magnitude larger than typical special operations submersibles and several times smaller and less costly than full-sized diesel-electric submarines now on the market.
Raytheon Offers Long-Range Amraam For Air Defense 
The goal is to keep Nasams competitive with evolving competitors and to provide a replacement for Raytheon’s veteran Hawk SAM.
Paramount Ready To Launch Ahrlac Production 
With 65 hr. of flight testing performed on the Experimental Demonstrator Model (XDM), Paramount is “within six months” of flying the first of two Pre-Production Model (PPM) aircraft, which will be fully conforming to production standards and will be used to test the mission systems.
Trident D5 Improvements Detailed 
Plans to keep the U.S. Navy Trident D5 sea-launched ballistic missile supportable and effective beyond the 2060s include an updated navigation system and a more flexible warhead interface.
New Cruise Missile In Service In Mid-2020s 
Development of the W80-4 Life Extension Program warhead, a modernized version of the current ALCM design, has been accelerated in the 2016 budget, alongside that of the LRSO itself, to reverse a two-year slippage that was included in the fiscal 2014 budget.
Controversy Continues Over Iran’s Rockets And Weapons 22
Even if the slow progress on an Iranian nuclear deal yields results, the nation’s missiles will still pose a regional problem.
Hunter and Hunted—Antisubmarine Warfare 1
The century-long cat-and-mouse game between submarines and antisubmarine warfare (ASW) could be taking a new turn, according to a study from the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.
General Atomics Claims Laser Weapon Advance 
So far, laser weapons have been deemed too big, too expensive and insufficiently lethal for mainstream use. General Atomics says it has taken steps to solving that problem.
Navy JSF Cuts Mirror CNO Priorities  1
The Navy significantly reduces its planned F-35C orders and starts new investment in standoff weapons, some for Hornets and Growlers.
Egypt To Buy Rafale Fighters 2
The order for the fighters, plus a DCNS Fremm multipurpose frigate and MBDA missiles, will be signed on Monday, Feb. 16 in Cairo by Defense Minister Jean-Yves le Drian.
China And Russia To Grow Their Surface Ships 
China and Russia are looking at more displacement and power in their next-generation surface combatants.
Feb 27, 2015

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Pilot Report: Flying The Embraer 170 (2003)

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