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Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Bradley Perrett, based in Beijing, covers China, Japan, South Korea and Australia. He is a Mandarin-speaking Australian who has lived in China since 2004.


Before joining Aviation Week in 2006 he was a macroeconomics, politics and aerospace journalist with Reuters. Perrett holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Macquarie University, Sydney.


Russia, China Agree On Long-Range, Widebody Airliner Partnership  6
Beijing, Moscow plan a joint company to develop their proposed airliner.
Japan, Israel Partner On Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft 
Israel Aerospace Industries and Elta are well placed to fill a Japanese requirement for up to eight unmanned surveillance aircraft that would economically complement the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk.
KHI Begins Delivering C-2 Airlifter 
The Japanese air force’s Air Development and Test Wing at Gifu Air Base received the first C-2 on June 30, the defense ministry says.
Russia, China Widebody Aircraft To Be 50–50 Program 
An intergovernmental agreement has endorsed development of a proposed Russo-Chinese widebody airliner, defining the program as an equal partnership between United Aircraft Corp. (UAC) and Comac.
Avic Takes Control Of Formerly Russo-Chinese Heavy Helo 
The preponderance of Chinese demand for the aircraft, known as Advanced Heavy Lifter (AHL), is the likely reason for Avic taking over what was originally promoted as a joint program.
South Korea Exporting Glide Bombs To Unnamed Customer 
South Korea’s has begun exporting precision air-to-surface weapons to an unnamed country.
Avic Begins Y-20 Kunpeng Airlifter Deliveries 
Avic has begun deliveries of its Y-20 Kunpeng heavy airlifter to the Chinese air force, nine years after the program was launched.
Qingdao Details Subsidies For New Air Services 
The city of Qingdao, China, is offering airlines up to 80,000 yuan ($12,000) per flight for newly opened international air services to Asia, while also financially encouraging off-peak use of its airport.
MRJ Testing Reaches Maximum Speed, Altitude 
The Mitsubishi Aircraft MRJ program has tested the regional jet at its designed maximum speed and altitude, while preparing to fly the third and fourth prototypes within two months.
Will Subsidy Battles Be Renewed As New Players Enter Narrowbody Market?  12
The industry has known it was coming for years, but now it is getting real: the much-described end of the duopoly in the narrowbody segment is near. The most concrete near-term consequence is likely to be another bitter trade dispute over government funding.
Focus Turns To Support As ARJ21 Enters Service 
The CAAC has been extraordinarily cautious in overseeing the ARJ21’s entry into service.
Long March 5, Other Missions, Follow Long March 7 
Long March 7 can loft a 13.5-metric-ton payload to low Earth orbit, making it the most powerful Chinese rocket so far and close to the SpaceX Falcon 9 in capability.
Comac ARJ21 Enters Service 14 Years After Project Launch  25
The Comac ARJ21 regional jet entered service June 28, 14 years after its development was launched and 18 months after the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) certified the type as airworthy.
Long March 7 Launch Heralds 12 Months Of Chinese Space Milestones  5
The first launch of a Long March 7 rocket on June 25 has opened an intensely busy 12-month period for the Chinese space program, with at least four more major missions scheduled for execution by mid-2017.
Japan Issues Request For Information On Fighter Options  61
Tokyo would have to vastly increase its defense research and development budget to create an all-new fighter.

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