Byron Callan

Byron Callan

Contributing columnist Byron Callan is a director at Capital Alpha Partners in Washington.

Opinion: Defense High And Low Roads After Brexit  13
Initial post-Brexit stock reactions suggest investors view U.S. and some European defense issues as safe havens.
Opinion: For Defense Investors, Growth Matters 
The defense industry has seen some very impressive stock price moves due to investor willingness to fund growth.
Opinion: How The Presidential Election Could Shape U.S. Defense Policy  2
There may be some hints of intent as the presidential campaign heads into the home stretch in September-October.
Opinion: How Sustainable Are Rubio And Cruz Defense Plans?  53
Both plans appear to be extremely bullish for defense, but rapid spending increases may prove difficult for some parts of industry to digest.
Opinion: Why U.S. And European Defense Companies Performed Well In 2015  3
The strongest defense stocks last year had several factors in common that may influence contractor behavior this year.
Opinion: How The Defense Dept. Can Be A Better Customer  16
Acquisition reform requires speed, resources, commercial pricing—and a little “plain English.”
Opinion: Potential Shift In Pentagon’s Approach To A&D Industry 
Defense Department signals it is weighing how to open up the aerospace sector to encourage broader competition from lower-level players.
Opinion: Defense Contractors Shouldn’t Dismiss Silicon Valley Outreach 
Why the Pentagon should invest in high-tech commercial research and why start-ups will warm to the lure of government dollars.
The Pentagon
Opinion: What Could Go Wrong For Defense—And What Might Go Right 
Volatile commodity prices and currency exchange rates threaten the defense spending outlook, but there are positive flip sides for governments and defense contractors alike.
Opinion: How To Improve Earnings Calls 
Aerospace management leaders who explain more in earnings calls may be better able to win the battle for talent and capital, too.
Opinion: LRS-B Won’t Lead To A Reshuffling Of Military Aircraft Primes 2
The Long-Range Strike Bomber program will not be the seismic event for defense manufacturers that many analysts are predicting.
Opinion: Green Sprouts In Pentagon’s Tech-Sector Outreach 
Carter unveils plans and delivers observations that could weigh on defense company strategies and how those businesses are valued.
Opinion: Defense Company Restructuring Pace Picks Up 
Reasons for the surge in mergers and acquisitions vary with the motivations of the involved companises.
Opinion: Why The Defense 'Upturn' Is A Mirage
New program starts are going to be extremely hard-fought and without increased budgets, and extensions of mature lines also may be more difficult.
Opinion: Cheaper Oil’s Winners—and Losers 1
Like most abrupt macroeconomic changes, there are mixed implications for the defense sector from the recent drop in oil prices.

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