Byron Callan

Byron Callan

Contributing columnist Byron Callan is a director at Capital Alpha Partners in Washington.

Opinion: Why The Budget Control Act May Be A Blessing In Disguise  1
It might provide the leverage to achieve another budget deal.
Opinion: What’s Coming Next In Defense Consolidation? 
Will this wave continue? The prudent answer is “yes”—but with lots of caveats.
Podcast: Defense Trends: From Sales to Saudis, Budgets, Mergers and More
Capital Alpha Partners’ Byron Callan Byron Callan talks with our editors about the latest hot topics in defense.
Opinion: Washington’s Defense Disconnect  8
Pentagon leaders want 3-5% budget growth after inflation. The next White House budget probably won’t give them that.
Opinion: Defense Mobilization Sits On Weak Foundations 
Rethinking the approach to defense mobilization in light of today’s landscape could work to the U.S.’s advantage.
Opinion: How To Soup Up The Defense Sector  2
How Campbell Soup can help defense executives navigate the future.
Opinion: Hunkering Down Not An Option In Defense Sector  1
How contractors and the Pentagon could balance requirements and budgets in the coming years.
Opinion: Another Twist On Defense Business Mix 
The General Dynamics’ purchase of CRSA confirms that larger scale matters in federal IT services.
Opinion: Why Pentagon Budget Boost Is Not A Done Deal  3
The federal deficit and interest rates threaten to constrain the Pentagon’s budget.
Opinion: Why U.S. Defense Upturn Is Not A Given  7
Actions by Congress and upcoming elections could change the direction of defense spending, especially if the balance between Republicans and Democrats shifts.
Opinion: We Need An Arsenal, Not Artisans, Of Democracy  4
Trump’s executive order to shore up the defense industrial base and supply chain is a good start but needs to encompass outlets and allies beyond U.S. borders.
Opinion: What Makes Defense Consolidation Different This Time 
Uncertainty about the U.S. defense spending forecast and concerns about share prices are part of the explanation.
Opinion: What Looms For Defense Contractors’ Strategic Plans  3
Uncertainties about U.S. defense spending and Congressional actions are complicating planning for contractors.
Opinion: How Will Pentagon Acquisition Change Under Trump?  2
Textron’s Ellen Lord will likely be confirmed as undersecretary for acquisition, but the role is in flux.
Sikorsky S-70 Black Hawk helicopter
Opinion: How U.S., European Defense Contractors Need To Up Their Game  10
The defense deals announced during President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia underscore how the structure of the global defense market is changing.
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