Byron Callan

Byron Callan

Contributing columnist Byron Callan is a director at Capital Alpha Partners in Washington.

Opinion: Why Pentagon Budget Boost Is Not A Done Deal  3
The federal deficit and interest rates threaten to constrain the Pentagon’s budget.
Opinion: Why U.S. Defense Upturn Is Not A Given  7
Actions by Congress and upcoming elections could change the direction of defense spending, especially if the balance between Republicans and Democrats shifts.
Opinion: We Need An Arsenal, Not Artisans, Of Democracy  4
Trump’s executive order to shore up the defense industrial base and supply chain is a good start but needs to encompass outlets and allies beyond U.S. borders.
Opinion: What Makes Defense Consolidation Different This Time 
Uncertainty about the U.S. defense spending forecast and concerns about share prices are part of the explanation.
Opinion: What Looms For Defense Contractors’ Strategic Plans  3
Uncertainties about U.S. defense spending and Congressional actions are complicating planning for contractors.
Opinion: How Will Pentagon Acquisition Change Under Trump?  2
Textron’s Ellen Lord will likely be confirmed as undersecretary for acquisition, but the role is in flux.
Sikorsky S-70 Black Hawk helicopter
Opinion: How U.S., European Defense Contractors Need To Up Their Game  10
The defense deals announced during President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia underscore how the structure of the global defense market is changing.
Opinion: Defense Spending’s Complicated Equations  11
What drives up defense spending may not be as obvious as what seems like a higher level of threat.
Opinion: Three Paths To Pentagon Spending Peak  9
Unusual factors may unfold related to assessment of Trump’s 2018 Defense budget that could lead to peak Pentagon spending.
Opinion: New Rules For Defense Under Trump?  57
Defense contractors may well find that under the Trump administration some of what worked to create value over the past decade will not work as well.
Opinion: Nine Defense Predictions For 2017  40
The Pentagon budget may grow under Trump, but major defense acquisition programs could come in the form of infrastructure spending and fiscal stimulus.
Opinion: Beware Republican Election Sweep Cross Currents  8
The Trump administration’s stance toward Russia, uncertain Pentagon allocations and geopolitical surpise could roil the U.S. defense industry in 2017.
Seven Forces That Could Reshape Defense  5
It is tempting to conclude that today’s defense sector structure will be the same in 2021 or 2026, but there are factors to bear on how to avoid value destruction. Here are seven to consider.
Opinion: Seven Forces That Could Reshape Defense  2
The defense sector’s structure is bound to be affected by seven factors within the next 10 years.
Opinion: Defense Budget Rebound? Maybe Not.  36
There are key differences between the defense spending cycle that consensus believes will unfold in 2016-20 and prior cycles.
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