Amy Svitak

Amy Svitak
Paris Bureau Chief,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Amy is Aviation Week's Paris bureau chief and covers European space programs and the commercial satellite telecom industry.
Amy has reported extensively on space and defense programs in the U.S. and Europe, covering the final days of NASA's space shuttle program and the emergence of entrepreneurial space companies seeking a foothold in the commercial market. In defense, Amy closely covered the U.S. Air Force aerial refueling tanker competition during the administration of George W. Bush, the largest procurement scandal in the service's recent history. She also followed the proceedings of the 9/11 Commission and the creation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
Raised in a small town in central Arizona, Amy covered community and education issues for the state's largest daily newspaper before moving to Washington in 1999. She worked as the international arms trade reporter and later the Capitol Hill correspondent for Defense News, spent three years covering U.S. national security spending for National Journal's Congress Daily and two years writing about NASA at Space News before joining Aviation Week in May 2011.

Soyuz Delivers Galileo Satellites To Expected Orbit 
European launch consortium Arianespace successfully orbited a second pair of operational Galileo navigation and timing satellites for the European Commission on March 27.
PeruSat-1 To Share Vega With Skybox Imaging Smallsats
Peru’s first Earth observation satellite will share a ride to low Earth orbit with four small Skybox Imaging satellites planned to launch next year on a European Vega rocket.
Airbus Again Reduces Ownership Stake In Dassault 
Airbus Group said March 25 that it plans to sell a further 17.5% of its share in rival Dassault Aviation as it seeks to monetize its stake in the French family-owned aircraft manufacturer.
Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Private-Sector Players Eye LEO Space Tug  1
Commercial fleet operator SES is talking to Lockheed Martin and other suppliers about the potential to service spacecraft in geostationary orbit.
Podcast: Space Industry At An Inflection Point 1
Aviation Week editors discuss how private sector money and technological advances are revolutionizing space telecom.
Space Builders Vie To Serve The Smallsat Market  2
Seeing a potentially major new market, rocket and spacecraft builders are positioning themselves to appeal to designers of small satellite constellations.
Airbus Chooses Ariane 5 To Lift EDRS-C 1
After eyeing a low-cost launch opportunity on a Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) rocket, Airbus Defense and Space has selected an Ariane 5 to lift its second European Data Relay System (EDRS) spacecraft to geostationary orbit in the first quarter of 2017.
Russia’s Angara 5 On Track To Replace Proton By 2025
Russia plans to test its Angara rocket in 2016 with a real payload. The heavy lifter is scheduled to enter service in 2021 and replace the Proton launcher in 2025.
Arianespace’s Vega To Launch Four Skybox Imaging Sats In 2016
Europe’s Vega light launcher has scored its first U.S. customer with a contract to launch a tranche of small, high-resolution remote-sensing satellites under Google’s Skybox Imaging initiative.
SpaceX Sees U.S. Air Force Certification Of Falcon 9 By Midsummer 2
Company president Gwynne Shotwell says she expects the U.S. Air Force to certify the Falcon 9 by midyear, “if not sooner,” to fly midsized national security payloads.
LeoSat Teams With Thales Alenia Space for Internet Satellite Cost Study
Satellite Internet startup LeoSat has contracted with manufacturer Thales Alenia Space of France and Italy to conduct a one-year cost study of the company’s planned low Earth orbiting (LEO) constellation of high-throughput broadband satellites.
Dawn Of The All-Electric Satellite 4
Built for Paris-based Eutelsat and Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) of Bermuda, the electric propulsion spacecraft need eight months to reach their final orbit, creating a lag between their March 1 launch and their ability to generate revenue.
France Awards Contracts For Operational Space-Based SIGINT Program 
French defense procurement agency DGA has selected Airbus Defense and Space and Thales to co-prime design and construction of Europe’s first operational space-based military signals intelligence system.
Dassault, HAL To Be Co-Contractors On Indian-Built Rafales
The first 18 Rafale jets are to be built in France. After that, India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. would take over production of the remaining aircraft.
OneWeb Eyes Honeywell for Broadband Aero Terminal, Satellite Hardware 
Established satellite service players have largely welcomed Silicon Valley’s sudden interest in the space sector—including some fleet operators who see the potential to collaborate with new LEO networks.
Mar 27, 2015

U. S., Russian Astronauts Reach International Space Station for One Year Stay 6

"He will do great," predicted NASA astronaut Barry "Butch" Wilmore, who returned to Earth after 5 1/2 months on the ISS earlier this month. Wilmore watched Scott Kelly's lift off from NASA's Mission Control in Houston....More
Mar 26, 2015

Open Skies Over Benelux And Germany

Cold War kids like me still remember the Open Skies treaty, the 1992 agreement by members of NATO and the then Warsaw Pact to allow observation flights over their territory as a confidence-building measure....More
Mar 26, 2015

Pilot Report: Aviation Week Flies The Gripen (1999)

In 1999, Aviation Week's then Editor-in-Chief reported on the capabilities of the Saab Gripen. Read his pilot report....More
Mar 25, 2015

Kepler Achievements Recognized by National Air and Space Museum

"We are discovering all kinds of exotic planets, worlds that have oceans of molten rock, worlds that have not one but two stars rising in the East and setting in the West," said Natalie Batalha, Kepler mission scientist....More
Mar 24, 2015

NavWeek: Semper Why 3

As the U.S. Marine Corps continues to tack back to its expeditionary core and the U.S. remains on course for its Asia-Pacific rebalance, the question of the force’s relevance is again coming to the fore....More
Mar 21, 2015

SpaceX's Gwynne Shotwell Talks Raptor, Falcon 9, CRS-2, Satellite Internet and More 5

During a March 17 luncheon Shotwell touched on developments underway at the Hawthorne, California-based company....More
Mar 20, 2015

Germany To Boost Defense Spending

Germany's finance minister says the pacifist nation must shoulder more military commitments in the coming years....More
Mar 19, 2015

NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft Spots Martian Aurora, Unexplained Dust Cloud

"What's especially surprising about the aurora we saw is how deep in the atmosphere it occurs," said Arnaud Stiepen, a University of Colorado researcher....More

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