Antoine Gelain

Antoine Gelain

Contributing columnist Antoine Gélain is managing director at Paragon European Partners, based in London.

Opinion: What Is The Purpose Of Space Exploration?  3
There could be a space-induced leap in human consciousness as we collectively become a spacefaring civilization.
Opinion: What Galileo Dispute Means For UK And EU 
The disagreement epitomizes the damages of Brexit—and the opportunity to forge a new security partnership.
Opinion: Aerostructures The Next Commercial Aerospace Battleground  1
Aerostructures will decide the winners and losers in the next phase of the commercial aerospace industry evolution.
Opinion: British Aerospace And Defense Is In Shambles  67
The process of exiting the EU is destabilizing the struggling industry and exacerbating budgetary uncertainties.
How Big Data Could Adversely Impact The Industry 
Increasing reliance on ‘big data’ by aerospace companies has benefits, but also risks, as recent events at Airbus have shown.
Opinion: Big Data's Tyranny In Aerospace  2
To grow and succeed in the digital age, companies need leaders who can free themselves from the tyranny of data.
Opinion: China’s Commercial Aerospace Dream Edges Closer To Reality  17
The Chinese understand that what will make or break their industry is what happens in the middle of the value chain, at the component and subsystem levels.
Opinion: A Critical Look At Airbus’s Push For Disruption  6
For the past two years, Airbus has been revamping its innovation strategy in an unprecedented way.
Opinion: Safran-Zodiac Merger—Between Hope And Despair  3
The takeover and criticisms of it show modern capitalism at its best and worst.
Opinion: The Coming Era Of Small-Scale Air Travel  51
The aviation ecosystem as we know it is likely to change dramatically in the next few decades.
Opinion: How To Colonize Mars  154
Musk’s approach is flawed. If he truly believes that what is at stake is the long-term survival of humanity, then he should not expect to charge people $200,000 for the trip, opines Antoine Gelain.
Opinion: The Uncomfortable Truth About Aviation Emissions  271
When it comes to sustainability of air travel, the aviation community is lying to itself. There is an elephant in the room and nobody wants to see it.
Opinion: British Aerospace At A Crossroads  34
As the U.K. gets ready to vote on its EU membership, the British aerospace industry is going through its own crisis of identity
Opinion: Is Commercial Aerospace Ripe For Disruption?  45
The money, talent and business model could be found to break the Airbus and Boeing duopoly, but the vision may prove more elusive.
Opinion: A380 Exemplifies European Commercial Aerospace Success  151
The aircraft has changed the competitive dynamics not only between Airbus and Boeing but among international airlines.
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