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Aug 28, 2012

8/28 Frago

+ Video: Pentagon builds chameleon robots + Institutional Post-War PTSD....More
Aug 27, 2012

8/27 Frago: Late Edition

+ Today's AvWeek stories....More
Aug 26, 2012

JMR Tech Demo Targets Leap in Rotorcraft Capability

The draft solicitation for the Joint Multi-Role advanced-rotorcraft technology demonstration (JMR TD) has been released by US Army's Aviation Applied....More
Aug 26, 2012

Hypersonic X-Plane (HX) - DARPA Tries Again

If at first you don't succeed, make it harder then try again. That seems to be the premise behind the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's....More
Aug 24, 2012

8/24 Frago: Late Edition

+ Today's AvWeek stories Top Companies For A&D Professionals In 2012 U.S. Navy Chief Establishes Special LCS Council + No plans to build F-35....More
Aug 24, 2012

8/24 Frago

+ A Smarter Way to Trim the Pentagon Budget + Congressman Demands Investigation into Army Acquisition Process + The Osprey After Five Years:....More
Aug 24, 2012

What Schools Do A&D Workers Come From?

I've been releasing stories from our annual workforce study over the course of the week. Today's story is Loan Structures Burden Graduates. The table....More
Aug 24, 2012

Where the Dollars Go

Just in time for the Republican National Convention, the Center for Security Policy has reissued a database of defense spending across congressional....More
Aug 23, 2012

Austro-German ORF

The Italian operational reserve force (ORF) of NATO's Kosovo Force will be relieved on 1 October by an Austro-German force. Some 550 German and 150....More
Aug 23, 2012

8/23 Frago

+JLTV Award....More
Aug 23, 2012

8/22 Frago

+ Darpa Looks to Make Cyberwar Routine With Secret ‘Plan X’ + GOP Tax Saint Norquist Takes On Defense Spending; DoD Dough Does Not Create Jobs....More
Aug 22, 2012

8/22 Frago: Late Edition

+ Today's AvWeek stories Senators Reduce Army Kiowa Request By Seven Helicopters Overseas Companies Increasingly Eye U.S. Outposts + Video: ....More
Aug 22, 2012

KQ-X - Yes, That IS How They Do It

A note to those readers of the Aug. 13 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology who might think the picture on page 28, of two Global Hawks....More
Aug 21, 2012

8/21 Frago: Late Edition

+ Today's AvWeek stories....More
Aug 21, 2012

8/21 Frago

+ Video: Darpa’s Inflatable Robot Arm Pulls 4 Times Its Weight + X-47B electromagnetic interference testing....More
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Dec 9, 2016

John Glenn's 1962 Mercury Pilot Report For Aviation Week 25

In 1962, John Glenn wrote a detailed pilot report for Aviation Week after his historic and harrowing flight in Mercury’s Friendship 7....More
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